Fortieth Day

In the afternoon, I went to Taichung to join the tea party for freshmen. I was the first person arrived the gathering place. The older sister and older brother were friendly. Later, the other freshmen came here and we started to Smoothie House.

In there, we played some games to know new friends. We ate French fries and the Smoothie. Both were very delicious.

Through this tea party, I knew some new friends and more understood more about our department.


Thirty-second Day

Today is the latest day of our journey.

We left the hotel after the breakfast. It rained heavily. Then we went to Chiayi. There had a sleeping forest. All the animals in there were sleeping. In the little forest, we felt relaxed. The animals were cute.

We also came to Sheriff Tea Egg. It was very famous. It was very delicious that I wanted to eat more eggs.

This travel is great. Though it usually rains, I still have a lot of fun.

Thirty-first Day

Today is the second day of our tourism.

In the morning, we ate breakfast in the hotel. But I didn’t like it. Because it qas not my cup of tea.

After the breakfast, we went to the circuit. When we arrived, it was raining. However, we still desided to drive the car. During the game, my clothes were all wet and many little rocks were on my clothes.

We also shot the painball. And my hit rate was high. I was very glad.

In the afternoon, we went to beach. The waves were very high. But it was very dirty. However, we had a lot of fun in there. we did three of the water activity. And it was crazy.

In the night, we went to street. There were many foreigners and delicious food. We bought some food and drinks.

Tomorrow, we will go home. I want to travel in here for more days. After several days, I have go to school. Maybe in school I can meet some good friends!

Thirtieth Day

In the morning, I took the courses. However, I was very confused that I didn’t understand what should choose. I woke up early and try to checked the class. Finally, I chose one of the general class and other optional courses. But, after finishing, I was told to chose optional courses first. Then I found I couldn’t take the courses. I was very stunned.

After that, I went to Kenting. When I arrived the hotel, I thought its rooms were great. Our room had a beautiful scenery.

In the evening, we went to Guan Mountain for the sunset. Unfortunately, there were a lot of clouds that covered the sun. But the scenery was still very beautiful. We saw the rainbow there, too.

On the way we came back to the car, we found a cute cat on the tree.It was a good day!!I was very happy.

Twenty-nineth Day

Tomorrow my family, my friend and I will go to traveling. We will go to Kenting. It is a great place that I have been there ever year. I like this place because the hotel we live is perfect. The hotel has many games and exercises that I enjoy. There also has a beach that I can play. But this time, we will go to another hotel where we have never been. I am very excited.


In the morning, I went to take a test. At the first, I practiced a lot of times. I had some confidence. However, when it was my turn, I was very nervous.

I was very carefully. Finally, I passed the test. I was very glad and felt great.

It was a good day!!